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Our Mission

Tetley, the better state of mind teas.

Our belief: A better state of mind begins with a better tea.

Tea Is Extraordinary
From tuning in to chilling out, drinking tea makes you feel like no other beverage can. We want to share our love of tea and have created lots of varieties to enhance all the tea moments in your life.

Creating the perfect tea moment starts with the highest-quality teas. To make sure that the flavor comes through with every sip, Tetley selects some of the finest fresh-picked tea leaves from plantations around the world. For instance, our British Blend combines premium Kenyan teas for their attractive, bright appearance and Assam teas for their body and strength. The result is a richer, more full-bodied blend with superior tea flavor. Our Tetley Iced Tea blend is made especially for iced tea. By using this special blend, we can make sure that every pitcher you brew has the right color, clarity and real iced-tea taste in every glass for you and your family to enjoy.

Being Progressive
While Tetley is steeped in history (pun intended!) we never give up the hunt for insightful new stuff that makes a difference.

We've put 25% more tea in each of Tetley's British Blend round tea bags, 2.5 g (versus 2 g in standard bags). That may not sound like a lot, but it's enough to make every cup of British Blend richer, stronger and even more flavorful.

Our round tea bags use premium Perflo tissue, with over 2,000 perforations for faster infusion and better flavor release.

Caring for People
At Tetley, we don't just do as we like. We do what's right for our tea drinkers, our team and our world.

Tetley cares about the social and ethical conditions involved in growing the tea we buy. We believe our success must not be at the expense of the people or the environment that make that success possible. That's why we're a committed member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP).

The ETP is a non-commercial alliance of 18 international tea packers working together to promote social responsibility in the world tea trade and assure the ethical sourcing of tea. The ETP monitors the living and working conditions on tea estates and works with estate owners to see that appropriate improvements are made. Sometimes estates choose not to meet the minimum standards. That's when we draw the line and stop buying tea from them. So when you buy Tetley Tea, you can feel good knowing that every cup you enjoy was produced in a socially responsible way.

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